Short films often see no financial return so it is incredibly difficult to generate the funds to make them in the first place. Crowdfunding has become a popular way for creating a community of support. We used IndieGogo and generated £700 to help us on our venture! As a result, this project belongs to everyone who helped make this happen and we will make a film you will be proud of.


The following list are the supporters of Lane who have either donated funds through IndieGogo crowdfunder or time, skills and energy into making this film possible. Thank you, your support is appreciated more than you know.


Meroe Afrika
Barbara Alexander
Mark Bean
Dave Blackham
Philip Bloom
Jon Briscoe
Gavin Churmin
Joana Crisostomo
Joanna Ely
Robert Ford
Adriana Ford
Elaina Ford
Joe Francis Williams
Katy Gaulton
Stephen Gibberd
Alexis Goodwin
Ronald Gow
Naomi Hart
Dan Hawkins
Hugh Janes
Felix Mater Society
Duane Max
Angela McCall
Keith Musaman Morton
John Newton
Alistair Parker
Hugh Pearson
Nicky Robelo
Andree Steyn
Danie Steyn
Jennifer Steyn
Lisa Steyn
Lynn Steyn
Nevin Stoick
Hanna Trzeciak
James Wade
Corrie Warburton
Ben Wilkin
Matthew Willsher
Yod Yutamanop
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