Welcome to Lane

An ordinary swim on an ordinary night takes a twisted turn when two women occupy the same lane.

If you've ever been a Lane swimmer, you will relate. If you've never been a Lane swimmer, you will relate.



Shorts can pack a punch

Storytelling is rooted in every culture. It is an invitation into the lives of others to learn, connect and relate with humanity.


Today the art of storytelling is accesible to wider audiences through the medium of film. Creative exploration must meet the growing pace of technology to develop the storytelling experience for the future. Short films enable filmmakers to experiment with the craft, technically and creatively to innovate new ways of the storytelling experience. Why? Because it's short. It's cheaper to make, quicker to make and low risk of loss.


Don't be misled. Just because it's short doesn't mean it isn't powerful. The detail of a gem that can be stretched into feature length can pack a punch in a short.

Invested interest perhaps?

We are still a bit short on funds as the swimming pool costs a fair whack,  not to mention underwater filming equipment. Can you help?


Producer Felix Mater Society is campaigning to generate funding through Patreon. If you are able to spare any green stuff in supporting this unique independent film, click here and become a Patron to donate.

Location sponsored by Bradfield College

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